My Name is Lisa Mitchell and I grew up in Huntington, New York, and graduated from Santa Monica High School, in Santa Monica, California.  I attended College at SUNY (State University of New York) College at Cortland and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications.  I also attended the University of Neuchatel Swisse (Switzerland) and received a minor in French Studies.  My hobbies include: environmental activism, photography, art, music, dance, recycling, spirituality, watching movies & documentaries,  reading philosophical quotes, and traveling.  I also love children and laughter.  I consider myself to be a "Green Entrepreneur" and a creative type innovator and disruptor.

Some of my career highlights include: Created and Copyrighted "The Recyclaholics Show" airing currently in New York City, which is a quirky, entertaining and educational show about sustainability and change; founded and launched Recyclaholics, LLC; invented and patented a solar expandable contractible recycle bin and recycle center for businesses and homes to achieve 100% zero waste, formed from plastic rescued from high risk polluted areas, litter & ocean plastic, where there are no waste management systems in place; created copyrighted screenplay - about an "out of the box" love story based on a true story encompassing purity, unconditional love, soul mates, destiny, the universe, art and the environment; and co-founded a photo and film agency and landed national accounts including Universal Pictures and Discovery Channel.


My experiences with the mental health system have not been positive at all.  I was practically a walking pharmacy with all the pharmaceutical anti-depressant and anti-anxiety drugs I had been prescribed when I experienced a horrible depression. I was in and out of  the mental health wards of many hospitals—and the side effects alone were horrifying enough as I experienced memory loss with the many ECT treatments I had.  I don't really believe any of these treatments or drugs actually helped me at all. I feel they just polluted my body, along with our precious environment.

I truly believe healing from depression is more of a spiritual journey. Depression, I believe, is a spiritual crisis which must be dealt with that way only. A healing of the soul, and a lot of talk therapy with a trusted compassionate adviser and spiritual mentor was very helpful for me years later.

I believe that drugs are not the answer for us or our planet. Natural, holistic, and spiritual approaches are the answer for us, our society and our environment. I also believe exercising and eating a highly nutritious diet is always part of our best medicine, "let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food" -Hippocrates; along with good sleep habits, rest, massage, baths, reading inspiring books, and being kind and patient with oneself. To me, that's where healing starts. I believe a holistic and spiritual type of change is desperately needed in our mental health system. I believe RISE will be instrumental in initiating change with our current health system.

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