RISE is a grassroots movement created and led by Monica Gullotta. RISE is comprised of supporters who have been negatively impacted by our mental health system or pharmaceutilized care, and are looking for an opportunity to connect with others.


RISE strives to educate, empower, and foster a community network that will help to initiate change and restore our broken mental health system. RISE welcomes anyone who would like to help bring about change either for themselves or on behalf of others.

Every individual should have the opportunity to “rise” and become all that he or she is meant to be.

Our Mission

  • Supply information, resources, and community outreach to individuals and families so they can make informed treatment decisions regarding their mental health care.

  • Allow people to connect, support, and engage with one another to improve the quality of their lives. 

  • Initiate positive change and restore faith in our mental health system. 


Our Objectives

  • To restore confidence and self-esteem to individuals and families who have been negatively impacted by a medicalized mental health model and pharmaceuticalized care. 

  • To address a broken mental health system that has caused a multitude of problems due to misleading research and scientific data about the causes of mental illness. For example: (1) A diagnosis or multiply diagnoses which are inaccurate and/or cause more harm than good. (2) The prescription of  harmful, unnecessary, and ineffective medications or treatments with resultant issues of negative side effects, addiction to medication, withdrawal issues, disability, unemployment, marginalization, and stigmatization. 

  • To disseminate information through education, presentations, workshops, conferences, and online forums to instill knowledge and empower individuals and families.

  • To help individuals reframe how they think about themselves rather than being defined by a diagnosis. 

  • To help individuals gain freedom from being stigmatized or marginalized based on their emotional state, and to achieve normalized emotions. 

  • To promote new levels of integrity, standards, and ethics in our mental health system by providing data and facts that expose misleading or inaccurate information, and to initiate positive changes on both a micro and macro level. 

  • To expand our organization to further assist individuals and families affected by our current medicalized and pharmaceuticalized mental health system. 


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